I learnt my lesson

So, my 5th week back at work after 3 months off during a 8 month flare. Had my sickness meeting with the company managing the absence policy and union rep. After my last bout of sickness I knew I had to know the sickness policy inside out, so I made sure I did. They didn’t, and tried to push for the last stage before dismissal.
It had been a few days off a year that I had between my sickness absences, my Bradford score (the scoring used to measure attendance) has fallen from a high level of 3125 to (the still high) 891 but an obvious improvement. I was invited to a 2nd stage sickness meeting. (My 1st meeting was in Dec 2011! and had been “spent” after 6 months of no absence)
The absence policy is policed now by a private firm rather than my employer, they do not know how to apply the policy fairly. I have had 2 run ins now with them and both times has left me stressed and shaken…ideal when you are living with chronic disease! I understand the need for the policy but I am not a slacker, I value and love my job and I work hard. My line manager walked out of the meeting because he couldn’t stand to be in the room anymore and has lodged a complaint against the firm employed to apply the policy. I held firm in the meeting and stood my ground…and spent 10 mins in the toilet in tears after I came out.
The lesson learnt?
Know your facts
Know your rights
Know the policies and how they apply to you
and above all don’t give in to a bully!"
Sorry! rant now over…I am my sunny self again :slight_smile:

I went through a similar scenerio with my employers. Luckily we are unionized so I did not go on disability until I was ready but the stress I am sure made the decision sooner for me. My heart goes out to you Louise, it is so hard. Remember it is you and your health that is important here. As nurses we try to do what is best for all but with this issue you need to be a little selfish. I am thinking of you. <3

Thanks Michael, I’ve definitely hardened up as far as employers go. The patients I know so well welcomed me back with open arms as did my colleagues … My manager said he was relieved I was back in harness…senior management have not even acknowledged I am alive and kicking lol.
I will stay at work as long as I am able and more importantly as long as I want to ( within reason ) :slight_smile:

Jeeez, Louise! I’m glad you are in good fighting form, and holding your ground. It’s called disability. That’s what you have and you also have a legal right to accommodation. I get so angry when I hear stories like yours where the employer tries to find a way for the employee to take the path of least resistance, which of course, is easier and cheaper for the employer. Grrrrrr. And I wish you hadn’t told us that the administration of absences and such has been contracted out. We all know what priorities those contractors have, and it isn’t your welfare. Their profits depend on the chronically ill and the disabled being shortchanged on their rights. That would be you.
You fight, girl. You know what you are entitled to. You’re documenting everything, aren’t you?