Humira- skin abcess or boils?

Has anyone had a boil or skin abcess? Developed a significant painful lump I thought was a boil, went to Derm. Turns out I’ve got an abcess and prescribed 30 days antibiotics. Just curious if this is common amongst us or I’m blazing new frontiers. Started Humira a month ago, wondering if that might have something to do with this.

I'd be interested to hear others' experience with this. I've not experienced abscesses, except for a couple years ago when I tried a new skin product and got abscesses after a reaction to it.

I get folicuwhaterever and yeast infections with inverse psoriasis, but that has nothing to do with biologics.

According to Internet search there is a higher percentage for women over age 50 to have boils while on Humira. I thought it interesting that when I searched our group, I came up empty. Although, perhaps, others were hesitant to share location of any abscess or boils… As I am… :slight_smile: and just decided not to discuss the topic at all! :). Not fun, my friends… Not at all!

MamaO, I don't know about Humira (I was only on it for 14 weeks way back when) but I've now been on Simponi 16 months and I've not had any problems but suffice to say I know what you're talking about! My doc recommended avoiding perfumed shower gels/soaps ... in fact soap free is best and I now buy a specific ph balanced wash for that area. I'm not a skirt wearer so don't comply with the loose clothes advice so I'm just extra careful, examine carefully when I shower and roll out the chlorhexidine skin healing cream at the first sign of tenderness. Hair follicles are usual starting points.

Having seen a family member go through emergency surgery for an abscess in this region all I can say folks is be careful, be very careful and don't be too embarrassed by the location to go to your doctor early for antibiotics.

Thanks Jules. I’m in for follow up today, will get some advice on best stash of preventative items! Here’s hoping the list of those with similar issues stays small! Thanks everyone!

Yesterday I arrived at a friends house with a splinter in my finger (bear with me on the story ....) and she dug out a pot of goo from the pharmacy called Magnesium Sulphate Paste which has magnesium sulphate (Epsom salt) and phenol in it accordingly to the label. Anyway, in addition to drawing out splinters it is indicated for minor skin infections and drawing boils. Basically stir the paste, put a large blob on affected area and cover with a dressing.

Thought I'd share as we'd discussed this delicate issue recently.

Lol. Thanks Jules! My second opinion ( my veterinarian ) also recommended Magna Paste, the same concoction, we use to draw abcess out of horse hooves! The lid actually has a directive " for human use". It has been very effective. I’m going to check where I can find the actual human version! Thanks again! Guess I should share for group, the abcess came up and progressed to the size of 4 quarters .25 American coin. In 1 1/2 day. My dermatologist was very concerned about sepsis, as it was not coming to a head & there was nothing to drain at that point. Stopped MTX & Humira, antibiotics for 3-4 weeks. Sort of scary in hind sight. I didn’t realize it could take over so quickly. Good new, after a week of treatment it’s down to about 1 quarter coin size & much more comfortable to go about daily stuff!

Veterinarians get my vote every time .... and it's easier to get an appointment with them, better diagnostic imaging and generally excellent advice. LOL.

Glad you're doing ok MamaO. You would not have wanted the surgery which leaves an open hole the size of a golf ball. Grim!