Humira injection

Can you accidentally inject humira in the muscle and it hurt way worse than normal?

Sometimes they can hurt way more than normal, but its not because they went in the muscle. Its just because. ( well there is a long drawn out theoretical discussionn involving fat cells pH Etc etc. but it all breaks down to "because"

I like that response, just because. That's like why do I occasionally get bad bruises from my Enbrel shots. Just because.

I'm all over the "because" explanation.

Sometimes I have a bruise that lasts until my next shot two weeks later. Because. Sometimes my injection site bleeds a little. Because. Sometimes it doesn't hurt at all and like good wilderness practice my shot leaves no trace. Because. Sometimes I manage to hit a capillary and get a weird spider bruise. Because. Sometimes it stings like hell and takes my breath away. Because. Sometimes I hardly notice the shot (especially now I self inject and I've ditched the auto-inject pen). Because autoinjectors are the devil.

I find if I let it warm up it hurts less… But I will test that theory out tomorrow since I won’t have time to let it warm