Humira and High Total Cholesterol

I did lab work a few days ago and my total cholesterol is 286 and glucose 116. I have taken Humira for over a year. Anyone know if it can raise your cholesterol to an extremely high level? I read Humira side effect could be lipid increase and High cholesterol as this means your liver function is low.

Is that fasting? Because if it’s fasting your glucose is also on the high side. That makes me think of metabolic syndrome and nothing at all to do with your meds. This is something that you should talk to your doctor about. I would also be wondering if your liver function was tested along with this. That would round out the picture of what you’re looking for.

I don’t take Humira, but I’m sure Enbrel is similar. My cholesterol was always running on the high side, total was around 257 - 278 before and since I’ve been on it. I wouldn’t take a cholesterol med because I opted for fish oil instead…if you’re not taking a cholesterol med, I’d recommend getting on one asap so you don’t have the unfortunate experience I had of a coronary blockage. BTW, my HDL (good cholesterol) has always been very good, 75 - 80. Now I take Crestor and my good cholesterol is remaining high, and my overall is in the 170s! Moral of the story…I can’t think of one, can you? (brain fog) :thinking:

I don’t know if Humira affects lipid profiles, but apparently PsA does: have a look at this and this.
Really, the person to speak to this is tnt, the guardian of Mrs. CC.

The only study I could find for humira and lipid profiles was one in RA, where generally they improved. My cholesterol went up on humira (but from abnormally low to normal - probably because of low level IBD that was suddenly under control with the humira, which I think meant I was finally absorbing most of what I eat).

Mine has come down quite a bit and I’ve been on humira around a year …