Humaria and food poisioning

Does anyone here discovered a connection with a increase in food born illness and humaria?

Is this something that you have seen? I certainly haven't seen this since starting a biologic.

I have seen this occur with diabetes medications such as Victoza. For Humira, I have not herd this besides some people with inflammatory bowel disease complain about it on a random forum. I am just throwing sticks into a fire at this point… Wish I could help more.

Nope. Plenty of food borne illnesses in Burkina Faso whist on Humira, but no more than whilst on Enbrel, MTX, steroids, plaquenil, or not on anything at all for that matter. And I have a mild IBD.

Idk if it's food borne, but I've been occasionally getting stomach upset within hours to two days after injecting Enbrel (which is a lot like Humira). It happened again yesterday. But it's not the same as stomach "flu".

I've only caught one bug since being on Enbrel, which is the 5 week cough I just got over. If the stomach flu hits our family , which it inevitably will because of all the grandkids, I hope I can avoid catching it. I don't want to have THAT for several weeks!!!