How does this effect out TNF Blockers

I wasn't aware this one was still floating around, but I guess once it hits the internet, it never dies. Eat all the bananas you want.

Tumor Necrosis Factor is an animal proteinaceous (a protein) hormone. Plants don't produce animal hormones (protein or small molecule). besides that proteins are not biological active when eaten since they don't survive in the gut. If proteins did survive then there would be orally active insulins (insulin is a small protein).

The original research BTW never claimed any such thing. The researchers looked at the ability of phytochemicals in bananas to prime mouse peritoneal macrophage activation (in vivo and in vitro, or at least ex vivo - the mouse had to donate its stomach), and one of the measurements was TNF production by activated macrophages. It said nothing about bananas actually having TNF. Why they did this is anybodies guess, perhaps they were looking for a way to make bio-similar medications. As you may know Enbrel is produced in the uterus of chinese Hamsters.

So as wild as some of this stuff sounds it does make one wonder... A lab near here developed an anti-burcellossis vaccine by stimulating lactation in dry cows that turned out to treat dwarfism in humans (and one wonders why I'm so sensitive about medication while nursing) Across the street at the NIH lab a friend of mine developed a technique to dissect ticks leading to his discovery of Lyme disease (the bacteria is named after him, but alas not the disease. Imagine spending your days carefully extracting the in tact stomach from ticks...........

Lamb, Thanks for your continued support and sharing your knowledge.

Intact stomachs of ticks, I’m sure that’s a delicate task, not so sure I’d be a good match for that job… LOL

Willy could remove the stomach from a tick, but do you think he could tie a fly onto a tippet?