Hemp oil

I am currently waiting on a root canal procedure before I begin my Enbrel. I am hearing things about hemp oil, hemp leaf juicing and curious if any have tried it or known anyone who has. Since my diagnosis I get goofy joint infections, epididimitis, now needling a root canal. You are not supposed to take enbrel if you have an infection. If I am routinely getting infections commonly in my knees and elbows how am I supposed to ever get on this medication the rite ways? I have not taken any thing besides naproxen in months and not feeling terrible but feeling worse every day. I’m very curious about Hemp oil though.

I haven’t heard Bout the hemp oil, so I’m no help there.

What have your docs said about the infections? Is there something that can be done to get that under better control?

I've heard of hemp oil, know a few people who use it and have had good results to manage pain. I've had several people recommend I look into it. Medicinal marijuana is also available here, however I've never talked to my doctor about it as I know he does not agree with it.