Hello from Canada

Just a quick summary of me … i quess.
I was diagnosed about a year ago by my physiotherapist who was treating me at the time for sciatica. I had terrible skin psoriasis at that time, and she convinced me to go see my GP … who then tossed me over to a local outpatient clinic for PsA.
Thinking it was just old age creeping up on me … i was soon informed it was not.
Thanks to a govt program which has found that PsA is very underfunded, and not well known in Ontario, I qualified for meeting the criteria to help fight this condition.
So thats it … newly diagnosed, doing some methotrexate, and lots of bloodwork and visits, as if i didnt have enough already.
I had some pretty serious medical conditions in the the past … so I was not totally up to speed on this condition … but i have been told that it has been caught on time …


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Hello D-mo, from me in the UK.

Glad to hear that your PsA has been diagnosed early, which is what I take from your last comment. Prompt diagnosis certainly does seem to bode well.

With a bit of luck the visits will decrease over time. Hoping you get good results from Methotrexate, it has helped me. Worth knowing that it can take a while to ‘kick in’.

It’s good to meet you!

Welcome. I hope the methotrexate is treating you well

Hi from Minnesota, D-mo!
It’s nice to hear how quickly you got diagnosed and are headed in the right direction as far as treatment.
Good luck! Don’t fear the biologics–hopefully you’ll get on one sooner rather than later. Let us know how things are going!

Hello there, D-mo and fellow Eastern Ontarian! We’re glad that you found us, even if it’s a shame that you qualify for our club. I can’t believe how quickly you were diagnosed: that physiotherapist is a keeper for sure!

You’ve really piqued my interest: an outpatient clinic for PsA in your own fair city? C’mo , spill! Where is this, and who runs it? This area has needed something like that for ages: I believe the waiting time to see a rheumatologist in this neck of our Canadian woods is something like nine months. A shame, really. So much (bad) can happen in that length of time.

So a warm welcome to you, D-mo. Please join in our conversations or even start some of your own.


well this is surprise…glad to meet you.
this is the timeline…physiotherapist…to my personal doctor…after a good look and see…then a call out to specialists…then a referral to the the local hospital arthritis clinic…then after a real good look and see…I qualified for ontario trial for the detection on psoriatic arthritis. from what I got from this was… these are prelinary medical investigations…to determine risk to the overall population
if you qualify you move onto another trail…to detect if immune suppressants benefit people with PSa…don

Welcome, I am a newbie myself. This place is a great resource for seeking out what is known or not.

hi…not sure how this forum works…sorry for the time divide…


A P.S. for you D-mo, about a clinic and a book. The information is all here.