Heart Flutter - and not caused by LOVE

Do you ever feel like every day is a new day and its a surprise as to what is working or not working or a new health oddity? And you wonder "where did that come from?" Well I do! this is really too bizarre.

Around 2-3 weeks ago I started this weird heart fluttering thing. Not painful - just a weird flutter. Happens randomly throughout the day. Never had it before. I am not stressed so that can't be the culprit. Don't drink much coffee - 2 cups in a.m. - so don't think that is it. Never had high blood pressure - so doubt that is the issue. With all the crazy side effects of Methotrexate and Enbrel - wondering if that may be the culprit. Any one else have this happen to them? Or am I alone on this and totally crazy???

Thanks all.

Sonna B

Sounds wierd I know, I've had benign heart palpitations for about 10 years, which feel to me like having butterflies in my chest, when I took my pulse there seemed to be a 'missed beat'. I went under investigations with the cardiac department had all the test and they were diagnosed as benign.

The missed beat I thought I felt was in fact because 2 beats were coming close together and then a longer gap and the large next one was what I noticed cos it felt like a larger thud, as there was more blood in the ventricle to get 'pumped'

The only time they cause me a problem is if I get them when I'm trying to sleep as the thud keeps me awake and is worse when I lay on my left side.

They used to stop if I increased my heart beat, which was suggested by the technician doing my echocardiogram, so running up and down the stairs always stopped them........hardly a thing I can do now!

But with anything new and unexplained best go visit your GP so they can rule out anything more sinister.

i have felt this too! i am taking methotrexate (6 a week) and sulfasalazine (6 a day). i feel the flutter randomly as well and it is scary at times. I asked my rheumy and she said it was NOT a side effect of the methotrexate so I am confused about it as well. I stopped all caffeine and it helped a little.

Thyroid!!! I told my dr… He put me on a daily thyroid…heart flutter stopped immediately and also improved fatigue!

Thank you for replying! Good information. I have my check up with Rheumy next week so I will ask him about it. Will keep you posted!

Yes, Breckstar, have it checked. Better safe …

I get from mild to severe atrial fibrillation when my inflammation levels (and pain) levels are high. Goes away when that's under control which supports Doc's assertion that it the disease not the drugs. I had it before the drugs. When it is happening often, I take prescribed beta blockers and inject a blood thinner to stop the possibilty of a stroke. It started with a mild 'flutter' and became worse as the psoriatic disease got worse. It might seem mild but is not something to ignore. I suggest google 'Atrial fibrillation' and heart palpitations for info.


this is the link to a report that show PsA sufferers have a greater likelyhood of AF palpitations