Hats and Bumper Stickers

Today I’m preparing my insurance claim for my medical misadventure in Germany last month. I just got home a couple of days ago, and I’m still tired and a bit jet-lagged. Anyway, as I pile up the paper, the receipts, track down my policies, figure out which day I got sick, prove when I left the country and came back, I suddenly thought of YOU. Or rather, I thought of anybody who regularly deals with health insurance. For those of us with universal health care, insuranceland is such a foreign country. And it’s no walk in the park. My hat’s off to those of you who have to do deal with this crap on a regular basis!

Bumper stickers. OK, Seenie’s gone wackadoo. As I collected the paperwork, I noticed a code, “L40.50”. You probably know what that is, but I’m a newbie to medical insurance. It’s the insurance code for “arthropathic psoriasis”. BINGO! So then I got thinking. You know you see those “26.2” stickers on peoples’ cars? I think I need one that says “L40.50”.

You used to think Seenie was crazy. Now you KNOW she is!

This is great Seenie!! I never thought about it before, but we could get our diagnosis codes on our license plates too. LOL That would have ppl thinking...

Perhaps we should get it tattood on our <insert whatever part of body you desire> so we can show it to all the medics on our PsA adventures.