Has anyone moved as many times as me?!

No joke...I have moved 47 times since I was born! I have lived in six different states. Now, I'm getting ready to move again! Somebody needs to slap me!!!!!!!!

Why do you move so much?? I thought I moved a lot but you beat me by quite a bit.....and I was in the military.

I don't know?

Before I went out on my own we (family) moved a lot, my parents split and moved to different states...I moved with one and then the other....Then got my own place and just kept moving. Now, my wife and I moved to CA to be closer to her family and in two years we've moved 4 going on 5 times!

I'm not "really" complaining. Before I chose a new career path (now on ssdi) my wife had to pass on a lot of promotions and advancements in her career because I was the main provider and couldn't move out of the area. It's kinda nice to see how quickly she took-over and has advanced in her profession. She is a hero!

BUT! 47 times! That's just stupid(lol)!

Other than college, I've never moved from my hometown.

Hey Frances,

I've had dreams of living in the same town my whole life. Then, I wonder if I would dream of living other places. The longest I've ever lived in one place is 7 years. I kinda relate that to where I grew-up.

I used to think people were funny when they thought driving an hour or two (say, to go to the lake or something) was outrageous. My wife and I drove to Memphis (from Ohio) once to get ribs at the Rendezvous. I guess we're the funny ones.

Wow. I thought that I had moved around a lot, but you have me beat by a mile. I have moved 20 times in the last 34 years. I never want to move again! Some people love to move around; I guess it’s in their blood. I moved because of circumstances I’m my life that I didn’t have a lot of control over. Half of that moving around was because of my parents. I like to stay put! I love a sense of community where I live, and if I’m always hopping around, I can’t get that.
But just because I am a fuddy duddy doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t love to load up the car for some Rendevous ribs! Yum!

Morning Grumpy,

Yeah, I guess I like moving around. Atleast, we're staying in CA and we will be for a long time. I think now we're just fine-tuning our location. It's only 7am but, some ribs sound gooood!

They have top notch ribs! Yummy. I can’t wait until spring to have my annual BBQ. Boston butt or a pork shoulder in the smoker all day and some home-made hush puppies and slaw. I hope my iPad insurance covers drool damage! :-P""""

oh I've moved more times than years lived I'm 36 and pondering another. I know moving is so stressful. I haven't made the decision to move again but its a possibility.

I've lived on the same street for my entire 43 years. Lived with my folks until i was 19 and then bought a house two doors down. That's where I reside to this day.