Hafaz poem gift for friends

poem for friends


Dear friends hello -in this page I wrote poem please look in glance thank you .

part one

Long years my heart had made request

of me, a stranger, hopefully

(not knowing that itself possessed

The treasure that it sought of me )

That jamshid "s chalice I should win

And it would see the world there in

That is a pearl by far too rare

To be contained within the shell

Of time and space, lost vagrants there

Upon the ocean's margin, well

we know it is a vain surmise

That we should hold so great a prize.

part two

There was a man that loved god well

In every motion of his mind

God dwelt; and yet he could not tell

That god was in him ,being blind

Where fore as if after be stood

And cried, have mercy. oh my god

part three

This problem that had vexed me long

Last night unto the tavern

I carried; for my hope was strong

His judg(e)'ment sure ,that could not err.

Might swiftly solve infallibly

The riddle that had baffled me .

I saw him standing in his place ,

A goblet in his grasp, a smile

Of right good cheer upon his face

As in the glass he gazed a while

And seemed to view in vision clear

A hundred truths reflected there

Part four

" that friend who , being raised sublime

Upon the gallows, glorified

The tree that slew him for his crime ,

This was the sin for which he died

That , having secrets in his charge,

He told them to the world at large "

So speak he ; adding ,but the heart

That has the truth within its hold

And , practicing the rosebud 's art

Conceals a mystery in each fold

That heart hath well this comment lined

Upon the margin of the mind

When Moses unto pharaoh stood

The men of magic strove in vain

Against his miracle of wood ;

So every subtlety of brain

Must surely fail and feeble

Before the soul 's supremacy

"And if the holy ghost descend

In grace and power infinite

His comfort in these days to lend

To them that humbly wait on it ,

Theirs too the wondrous workers can be

That Jesus wrought in Galilee.

Part four

"what season did the spirit wise

This all – revealing cup Assign

Within they keeping ?"when the skies

Were painted by the hand divine

And heaven 's mighty void was spanned

Then gave he this into my hand

"yon twisted coil, you chain of hair

Why doth the lovely idol spread

To keep me fast and fettered there?"

"Ah, hafez !"so the wise man said

"this mad heart ,and needs restraint

That speaks within thee this complaint "

Hafez is by universal consent the supreme master of the art of the Persian ghazal –a literary from generally equated with the lyric thought perhaps the sonnet is in some repeats a closer equivalent In the ancient time people thinking or supposing that is a bowl that inside it is water when we look To it we can view all news or true in to it ,to this bowl they told(jam e jam ) or jam e jamshid but to day we say TV and internet . - ghazal is a kind of poem – hafez is poet in Persian language

(1109 – 1189 )