Granuloma annulare

As usual, I seem to have a new probable diagnosis. This time it’s granuloma annulare, and I’ll schedule a biopsy to hopefully confirm next time I hit the trifecta that: I have an active flare, the doctor is not on vacation, and I can catch a cancellation. What’s really funny is that he based the tentative diagnosis on my hands in the recovery stage, and I had no active bumps. Later that night, I started a new outbreak. How annoying! If if had started 8 hours earlier I could have had the biopsy done right then and there.

So far it seems limited to my forearms by my elbows, and on my fingers. It’s actually been around for probably 15 years, but never to this extent. It’s always been one bump. Now it’s 10-20 at a time, and sometimes bumps on bumps merging together. And for your info, this started about the same time as my PsA diagnosis.

Anyone else? Do you do anything at all?

New to me! But it seems to be a “young person’s condition” (according to the Mayo Clinic) ….so if your condition defines you, you must be young! I hope you get it figured out. Hum, amongst the “unknown” causes, vaccinations are listed as possible.

Hmm, I have plenty of unusual skin stuff, but haven’t had anything that looks like that. I see that, remember your recurring pericarditis, and jump to sarcoidosis. I see autoimmune/ auto inflammatory conditions everywhere!

Hope you can get a biopsy sooner rather than later.

That’s my concern actually. He said it looks like GA, but that the clearing and recurrence rate is pretty fast. Hopefully the biopsy will give him more information once I get it done. Not really looking forward to it as it’s a slice not a pinch, but whatever.

The slice I had was ironically better than either of the punch biopsies - done by a Derm on my face, he sliced to minimise scarring, and it healed beautifully with less tenderness. I hope yours heals really well too.

Interestingly granuloma annulare seems to be mediated by TNF-a, and if it becomes pesky, the big list of drugs they can try to treat it are most of the same ones we have. Are your meds keeping up with your PSA at the moment?

That’s reassuring.

My current biologic is Humira, which is a TNF inhibitor. How well under control is my PsA? Eh. Okay enough to stay on it, not really fabulous.

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