Good evening!

Well this new drug is creeping me out. I have vampire skin and am afraid to be in the sun, lol. In case anyone is wondering, I'm also on anti-anxiety pills so I may seem a little more optimistic then one would expect me to be.

I thought I'd make a blog post because, besides being bored, I discovered something through physio. I started my gym exercises last week and they told me to be able to do the "homework" I should grab some physio putty. Not being a driver I was like ahhh crap. So I checked out homemade playdough and it works awesome to get the old hand joints moving and exercised. I find it's the right softness for when my hands are really sore. As they say, things at rest stay at rest so the more I keep things moving the better.

My mom ended up picking me up some medium physio putty so now I got a huge blob of playdough and a smaller, harder blob of physio putty which didn't turn out to be quite expensive as I had assumed. It was funny that at the exact time I was cooking up the dough my mom was buying the putty; at 11am Saturday morning! The worst thing about making the dough was the stirring. I almost asked my sister to do it half way through, but I managed to get through it and considered that my serious hand work out for the day. Man were they sore afterwards. Oh well, the playdough is fun. Here's the link I used if anyone is interested. How To Make Play Dough

I wish I had of made the stuff years ago it was so simple and my hands feel so good after, well, my physio exercises aaaand maybe a dinosaur or two. lol

Hope everyone is well!

Ah! Good to know I’m doing some physical therapy without realizing it - I play with playdough with my kids all the time! I’ll have to check out your link -it’s been ages since I made playdough (my 3 year old buys it whenever she has money - or gets her grandparents to buy it for her) and I’m sure my kids would love to make it!

Sweet! I forgot how much fun it is, I even made a smaller hunk of it bright green with food colouring, lol. The recipe makes a lot but it is a good one!