Getting well is a political act

I just have to restate this point. I believe that there are a lot of vested interests in the health care industry. there are a lot of people whose jobs depend on you being ill. I am not saying that they are deliberately sabotaging your attempt s to get control over your body - but unless you are as bloody minded and determined as me - to take nothing as read and correct unless it makes you feel properly well- its hard to get past the symptom modification approach of the medical professionals. from big agriculture and its grain fed cows and chickens, soy proteins and pesticides, to big pharma with its love of making drugs for you take for a lifetime, believing your body is unable, given the right stuff to heal itself and the jobs of all of those in the medical profession who would be out on there ear if it was so simple to cure all those auto immune disorders with more saturated fat! It is so easy and my guess is that it makes them all look a bit silly.

I am just taking such joy in my blood profile on zero meds now. My consultant finds it hard. I say look out of the box !