Flare for the Dramatic

From my blog, Rannygahoots: http://rannygahoots.blogspot.com/2011/11/flare-for-dramatic.html

For me, there are two different types of PsA flares. There’s the big huge one I’ve been in for nearly a year now, and there are the intense flares within the big flare, like the one I’m experiencing now, that make life just that much more fric … errr….unbea…ummm… interesting.
As I type, I’m sitting here under my big huge heavy blanket trying to keep my joints warm, entertain small children and not give in to cranky demands of a certain nap-resistant child. Thank goodness my computer, as well as my latte, are nice and warm. Not to be overdramatic, but it’s flippin’ cold in here! According to the weather channel, it’s 42 degrees outside, which means it’s roughly 43 degrees in here. Why, you ask, do I choose to sit in the cold when I’m in the middle of a flare? Because here in the non-heated part of the warehouse that houses our homeschool co-op is where the toys and books and fun stuff are. And there, on the other side of the door, in the heated theater, is where two of my children are rehearsing. And besides, the cozy warm café is too small for general running around and too close to the play rehearsal that’s underway – and I am not, I repeat NOT, allowed to know anything that’s going on in the play until the actual performance tomorrow night on threat of beheading. There are knights with real swords in this play, so I’m not going to mess with them. Besides, the kids are having a blast, these Hoteeze pads are working wonderfully, and I get to rest for a few hours, which never happens. Well, rest my body, anyway. Apparently this is the day of 1,000 questions and we’re only up to number 327, so I must go now and explain the difference between Marmite and marmosets and other important things.