I was removed from my stepfathers insurance on my birthday I’m 26 and that’s the cut off age. So I applied for Medicaid a few weeks ago after going weeks wondering if I’d be accepted or not Thursday I got a Medicaid card so to make sure I was covered I called my Dr’s office and yes I’m fully covered now! So it’s such a relief that I won’t have to pay $96.00 for a Dr visit that’s not even covering my medication and blood work costs. So now all I have to pay is $3.90 for my Dr and the medication I’m going to be put on is gonna be under $4.00 that is the medication that’s covered by them. I have a appointment on Monday so finally things are looking up!

Oh yes it is! I was really worried about how I was going to afford it. Thanks I really hope it goes well and hoping I get back to walking good again really soon! Just can’t wait to get a little relief from the pain.

Great news!