Feeling a little better but this seems crazy!

I saw a new rheumatologist and really feel comfortable with him. Still no clear diagnosis but whatever. Kept me on Enbrel - added a few new drugs. Does it seem crazy to be taking all of this?

Enbrel 1-shot 50 ml/mg

Sulfazine 2-500 mg tabs 2x day
Diflunisal 1-500mg tab 3x day
Omeprazole 1-40mg capsule daily
Gabbapentin 2-300mg capsules night
Cyclibenzaprine 1-10mg tab at night

Nope looks like a good mix. You might ask about using horizant instead of gabbapentin or taking a horizant in the AM and a small amount of gabapentin later (bedtime) just remember no opiates and no naproxyn.