Feel like electric currents in my legs

Hello! Just throwing this out there to see if anyone has had this before, since there is always such great information from the kind folks here.
The last week or so I have been having odd sensations in my legs and ankles. It feels like an electrical current runs through them every few seconds, especially my left leg. It’s not painful at all, just really irritating.
Has anyone had this before? Any insight? Of course my brain is in overdrive :slight_smile: I’ve been on sulfasalazine and meloxicam for about 6 months with no real side effects. I’ve had to start sleeping on my side since September of last year as laying on my back hurts after a few minutes. Thinking maybe it’s a pinched nerve or something…
Many thanks!!

I sometimes have an electric shock sensation, usually at night, usually in my ankles when they’re a bit swollen. It can go on for hours, occurring about every 30 seconds. NSAIDs don’t make a blind bit of difference, the only thing that helps is getting up and moving around.
If this is what you’re having I’m in awe that you describe it as ‘irritating’, to me it’s torture. I think in my case it’s caused by swollen soft tissue from PsA inflammation pinching a nerve.
I guess these things always need checking out though. Mine is too localised and intermittent to concern me but if it were worse I’d definitely seek a doctor’s opinion. There are drugs that can be effective for nerve pain, that much I know.

Ooooh! Me! Me! I used to have a terrible time with that “zing” of electricity. Used to shoot up from my feet. The soles of my feet always felt a bit numb and first thing int he morning when I would stand up it was like stepping on thumb tacks. Sharp and stabbing. But then the zaps of electricity that would go up my legs wouldn’t hurt but would often make my legs kick out. In fact it happened last week about 15 minutes from the end of a massage and I nearly kicked my massage therapist. [sorry!]

For me the diagnosis was neuropathy in my feet. The fix was gabapentin pills. I take one at night and it has the side effect of making me a little drowsy which helps me sleep.

Don’t take for granted that this is something that might just go away. Talk to your doc!

Thanks so much for your replies! Really appreciate it. I’ll be interested to see what my doctor says. Until then, I’ll continue to feel like I’m plugged into a light socket :slight_smile: