Ever feel like it just-doesn't -end?

Hi there- new to this group :slight_smile: It was a God send… Finally a place where people not only know how to say it/spell it but live with it :slight_smile:

I am 35 married mother of 3 beautiful young kids. The PA started 12 years ago with chronic plantar fascitis (4 years). It was very devastating, as I had been on of Canada’s top runners- and suddenly could not walk without pain for years and years. LOnnnnnnnnnnnng story short I was finally diagnosed 2.5 years ago when the symptoms accelerated and started debilitating me from every direction. I am on metho, sulpha’ and naproxen. Oh- as well as iron ( chronic anemia) and the slew of other supplements that we buy ( instead of other nice vacations we could do each year :wink:

I also have Restless Leg syndrome, and Raynaud’s syndrome and as of today- ta-daaaaaaaaaaaa :Vitiligo. Better known as the “Michael Jackson” disease. It is an AI disease that changes the pigment of your skin. HONESTLY- do you ever feel like enough is enough? Between the disease itself, the side effects of it, the side effects of the medications, and all the other AI diseases that seem to hang around like groupies- some days it just seems to much.

The hardest thing for me is to grasp the genetic links of it all as Iook at my sweet babies. My faith is my rock- He is my anchor- but OH does that storm ever blow strong sometimes…

Just venting to those that I KNOW understand. Keep up the good fight friends!! One day- er- one minute for me right now- at a time…

Sometimes it does feel like an avalanche of problems...between co-morbid diagnoses, meds, new symptoms, etc.

I've been at this 30 yrs (I'm only 40, with an 11 and 15yo), and I know there are great highs and terrible lows. The only place to go from the bottom is up!

Hello and welcome to the site :slight_smile:
Yep, I think we’ve all been there, just seems to be one thing after another. You just think you’re life is going on not too badly…you’ve made peace with the way your conditions are shaping your life when … Wham! Something comes out of left field and smacks you down again.
But with people around you who love you, people you can turn to when things are rough, means the sun always rises again :slight_smile: