Eminenty able

So where is that woman, so eminently able?
I ponder as I sit at my new kitchen table.
Queen of the flat pack assembly, was she,
could whip up a dining set between lunch and tea.
It took me all day! with frequent rests,
to be able to accommodate my Christmas guests.
Every day must planned to save on " spoons "
and often I’m sofa bound, just watching those "toons"
I long for the day that I’m sure will be soon,
when this fatigue is banished to a far distant room.
When I can don my glad rags, and in a fragrant cloud,
strut my stuff with my friends in a crowd.
Because I AM that woman whose eminently able!
I’m going to stop this disease from its aim to disable…
my laughter and joy in what life brings
sustains me, along with a few other things,
Your support and care are invaluable to me,
it holds up a mirror and enables me to see…
There is the woman who’s eminently able,
she built, with her strength, a family table.

A very nice way of explaining how our lives are and the daily struggles we face.

Beautifully said!