Electric Underwear

Happy New Year all. I have been somewhat busy with some projects for Bens Friends. There are some cool things happening. some new communities, and new software. I met my annual deductible by the second of January and my stop loss by the seventh. I wasn't even in the hospital or had surgery....... It looks like I will be doing both. In the mean time I'm back on the road doing conventions and hawking books. Hopefully after 5 days in Vegas in Feb the bank account will be in good enough shape I'll be able to take the time to get fixed. I have idiopathic lupus caused by a pituitrary tumor (at least we are hoping its the tumor lol) This working thing is a beetch.

In any event, I got what my staff thought was a series of gag gifts for Christmas. I wear long johns most of the year as the warmth keeps me moving. They tease me a fair bit. I always come back with, " I'd wear electric underwear if I could....... Guess what? They make it!!! The shirt is amazing. The socks and slippers are more than cool. Anyway you can heat up anything: http://www.hotheadz.net/ventureheat-battery-heated-base-layer.html?gclid=CjwKEAiA0O2lBRDOrPX4oJP3t2oSJACjpaHAW1J9EwkbrYPlSq9H41t2pvgWc8anTuUMEpDfPO7PRhoCfJ7w_wcB

One word of caution do not wear electric undewear through airport security unless you want some very special attention, and meet folks with large hands and NO sense of humor…

I am laughing so hard.

I am speechless.

Saw the title, knew who wrote the post without even looking for some odd reason. LOL

Who ever heard of wishing for the problem to be the tumor? Actually probably many people, but that is a horrid thought. I hope it's the tumor and it's shrinkable and that all you have is a beautiful butterfly rash on your cheeks to show for having lupus.

I was so tempted to buy that shirt until I saw it cost almost $130, with which I could buy an entire electric blanket, and I think I will! :)