Ear cartilage pain

I feel like this is a bit of an oddball question, but figured I would go ahead and ask anyway. For the last few days I’ve had pain in my ear, on the flat part of the cartilage. It’s happened before, but it’s sticking around longer. Part of me thinks that if we can have pain in our cartilage in our ribs, why not in our ears. But then I don’t know if that logic really works. There’s nothing visible, although my ears are probably a bit more red than usual. No recent piercings, trauma, etc.

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Hummm, while we wait for @Poo_therapy to respond brilliantly, perhaps you are proving that PsA can do ANYTHING! My ear cartridge and whole head hurts if I accidentally listen to Justin Bieber with headphones on. We have a beaver on the creek that I named Justin…Justin Beaver for the g’kids but I digress… @Stoney, what brings this on and what do you do for it?

I’ve no idea whether my reply will be brilliant or not but I have heard of people getting such ear pain from PsA. Possibly more from a more internal ear pain - remember we do have tiny bones in our ears too.

However I’m definitely with you @Stoney about cartilage pain and that logic certainly works for me. One of my bugbears is that the medical definition of costochrondritis includes the sternum, my rib pain rarely includes the sternum at all but I certainly can get significant rib pain.

So if we can get significant rib pain why not ear cartilege pain also? I do hope it moves on for you and soon too.


That’s sort of where I’m at, hoping that it just moves on again shortly. I’m trying to follow my rule of ignoring things as much as possible. They usually DO go away on their own. Except for the broken foot that I walked on for three months before finally getting imaging. Clearly I’m not thinking anything so awful, but I can’t help but think that sometimes my policy just doesn’t work well for me.


I get ear pain, but it’s usually referred from the joint, or alternatively if it’s right in the ear, it’s from inflammation in the nerve. I’ve had some in the cartilage just recently, but my whole head has been inflamed from Crohns in my mouth and on my skin, so I assumed it was that. Unfortunately I am such a bag of autoimmune diseases and inflammation I often can no longer tell!

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So for you, it’s inflammation is pretty much always the correct answer

Mine hurts more when I use my ipods a lot.

Yup. Though there was one time a month or two ago that it was inflammation being caused by a sinus infection that wasn’t terribly obvious to me because I was on lots of steroids, so even for me it’s usually worth checking if it’s something new and doesn’t go away.

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Yup, have occasional feeling of pain inside my ears, which gets me slightly anxious about possible balance issues and fainting. Have had balance and feelings of fainting upon getting up from sitting position for most of my life off and on, wonder if it was always psa

Oh God I get this too. It is one of the things I will be bringing up at my GP appointment tomorrow. GPs love to say that everything, every twinge is down to Inflammatory ARthritis but I am not so sure. My diagnosis, as far as I understand is Undifferentiated Inflammatory Arthritis with it likely being PsA, according to my most recent consultant rheumatology appointment. However, hydroxychloroquine doesn’t really seem to be doing anything and physio has made certain issues worse.
I’m new to the forum and desperately need advice about what PsA symptoms actually are.

I tend to overshare symptoms and let the rheumatologist sort out what’s actually a symptom and what’s not.

It can be really surprising what falls into it. That said, I had a cough for quite some time, and finally mentioned it. Not related. Asthma.

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