Does stress make pSa worse?

Does stress make pSa worse? I was up all night worrying about my fathers surgery today and I swear my body felt like a neon light as far as inflammation goes. Is it just coincidence I had a bad night or linked?

Stress is an aggravating factor

It may be stress, it may be lack of sleep. I hope your dad’s surgery went smoothly today.

I'm not sure for me that it makes it worse, but if I'm stressed out I'm much less tolerant of pain and stiffness. How did your dad do?

Well… I’ve been having excessive stress lately. I’ve noticed occasional raised heartbeat, additional sweating (like adrenalin / nervous sweat in your underarms when not hot), sleep disruptions (excessively wakeful periods or nightmares), teeth grinding, list goes on.

I find that in the initial stages of this going on, if I’m in good treatment, and not in a flare, I start to feel like superman (woman) much of the time - between the adrenalin and cortisol I’m on a high and have very few symptoms. This is not purely psychological - the interaction of mind and body is very strong, and that extra cortisol is just like taking pred for a bit :slight_smile:

Its not always negative, and to be honest, i find i can deal with a significant amount of stress fir a short time without exacerbating symptoms in many cases, as long as my sleep remains consistent.

Unfortunately though, if the stress is totally over the top, lasts long enough to exhaust the whole stress regulation axis (a few months?) or i get in a position where i havent had enough sleep, food, basic needs, there is then a crash. Certainly my fathers death precipitated a physical crash from the stress last year.

Its really important to do what you can to prevent this - sleep as much as possible (try relaxation - I use guided meditation Relax Lite on iTunes), say no to things that are unnecessary, and simplify your life the best way you can.

In the meantime, I hope your fathers surgery went well, and you find acceptance and peace.

Thanks everyone. Surgery was great. It was minor but he has a-fib, on blood thinners so that can make it tricky.

My favorite neighbor and friend had similar situation : golfed 9 holes day before routine surgery and bled to death because of wrong blood thinner levels. That is a day I’ll never forget - never got to say goodbye & that memory roared like a lion for me.

So glad to hear surgery went well. Hopefully your flare will subside a little too!

Glad your Dad is doing okay! I have had similar reactions to stress. Pain, injections,etc. trigger memories and anxiety about my sister's 5 year battle with cancer. It was a battle for all involved. I'm sorry about your friend and neighbor...

My life is a contant state of stress. My daughter was in the hospital a week ago and this week my mother had a TIA. And this is just the latest. I have no idea how to remove the stress factor from the equation

I think it does