Does Remicaide help with your fatigue?

I hated the methotrexate and was wondering if Remicaide alone helps with your fatigue. I've had two infusions so far and the fatigue still hits me so hard- it's unbearable.

I felt remarkable improvement with my fatigue after the 4th infusion but it lasted about 11 days. I discussed it with my doc and he wanted to see how I did after my 5th infusion. I recently had my 5th infusion and had no improvement in my fatigue, so I hoping he will increase my dose.

Good luck !

I take Leufludomide as well as Remicade( every four weeks). I get about two-3 good weeks and one sucky week. The fatigue is there most of the time except about 7 days in to 12 days in. I hate the fatigue part. Pain is not fun but fatigue is worse.

It took a bunch of infusions for my fatigue to improve. I find that the fatigue is definitely less severe after I have an infusion, and increases the closer I get to my infusion date. I also had increased fatigue in conjunction with the approach of and time of my menstrual cycle.