Does anyone have experience with Hyalgan

I need to make a decision if I want to have this procedure done. They want to inject Hyalgan in both knees...once a week for three both. They said that if could improve my mobility for up to 9 months.

I am concerned about have this done... I had a shot of cortisone in my knee two weeks ago and had to ice my knee for three days before the pain when away.

I didn’t have the hyalgan, but I had another brand that was a one-shot treatment. It worked wonderfully well for a few months. It is like a “cushion” inside your knee, not a therapeutic treatment. Of course, if the damage is bad enough (which mine was, within a year or so) it won’t work. I had it done a couple of times and when it stopped working, I knew it was time for surgery.
I loved getting the shot because the “stuff” was mixed with an anesthetic, so that the pain was gone instantly. Not for long, mind you, but it sure was pleasant for the rest of the day.
Having your knee injected is not PsA therapy, though, don’t forget.

The only reason you would have several days of pain with cortisone shots is that your surgeon missed, which should never happen unless the damage is pretty severe in which case Hyalgan isn't going to be any better and may be worse. I've not had it but I know a bunch of guys who have. Most are pretty happy with the procedure but have learned a few things AT LEAST two days off you feet NO exceptions. 6 months is a more realistic goal.

Myself I'm a believer in Chondroplasty depending on the damage. And honestly if it works a microfracture is much better (though less profitable.) Not all centers will do it and sounds gruesome but a skillful surgeon has incredible results.....small holes are made on the underlying bone to allow bleeding directly from the bone marrow. This can lead to access to bone marrow cells which can form a blood clot over the exposed area. Very similar to chondroplasty, the blood clot can mature and form into fibrocartilage, which covers the exposed area.

I have also see microfracture combined with Mosaicplasty practically creating a new surface.. BUT I have no clue whats wrong with your knees so I may be way off base with procedures. I will say your outcome with cortisone is concerning. SOMETHING went wrong. if the guy was in a hurry, missed, or simply didn't know his physiology I don't know. But Hylagen is dang expensive I'd want to know why you had problems before I'd have him do a bunch more injections.

Oh and be sure and clip your coupons from the Hylagen site (i think they still have them) they will generally cover copays....