Doctor is running more blood work

I went to the doctor and he is running more blood work to see what my trigger could be. He is running food allergy test, hormonal test, metal test and mycoplasmal, cblamydial and other infections. Has any one here had their doctor done this?

I was asking about this and believes that if one can find their triggers then your remission period can last longer.

Thoughts would be helpful!

Well I'd say he is either cutting edge or a quack. (could go either way) mycoplasmal, chlamydial or ureaplasma bacteria as most know have no cell wall so live in other cells. Sounds like you guy is into the leaky gut and/or STD theories. There are some studies in Australia that seem to point that direction. Problem is it takes very LONG term use of erythromycin or tetracyclines and some will prescribe 500 mg of azithromycin twice a week and/or doxycycline 100 mg twice a day in addition. Even then COMPLETE abstinence is necessary. As their are no truly accurate blood tests for these bacteria its impossible to know whether current or future partners are infected starting the whole cycle over. Event low dose tetracycline therapy is terribly unpleasant The metal tests are USUALLY run in order to sell chelation treatments (I've not heard of a connection but that's not to say there isn't) Food Allergy is a hotly contested are. Not that there isn't a connection (many of us have found relief from lo carb or gluten free) but that allergy tests don't indicate (often) sensitivities. Now if your insurance company is paying for this, thats one thing, if YOU are paying out of pocket that's another.

FWIW, I have had this LONG before I lost virginity and even then it was with my wife who lost hers the same time I did mine. so there are no mycoplasmal, chlamydial or ureaplasma triggers, My wife is Celiac so we have been gluten free for years....... The only thing that has extended my remission is the biologics.

I am on biologics as well. I have been on enbrel for five weeks now and have shown improvement but am not pain free. I still have discomfort in my right hip, writs and left achilles. I have been switched my died long before this because I was overweight. I have lost 56 pounds and feeling good. I am eating the Palo diet.

Yes, he is looking into the leaky gut.

May I ask how long you have been on the biologics?

4 years, I would never go back. That pain free will sneak up on you. Honestly it was my WIFE who pointed it out to me..... The leaky gut makes sense to me, the other does not. I understand the Palo diet BUT I really question the RAW parts of it especially (I'm just thinking out loud) with an irritated gut...... I just think how raw veggie go down that haven't been thoroughly chewed - (happens a lot during ball games....) Best of luck to you, a few more weeks of Enbrel and you wuill be where they say it makes a difference and then the healing can begin!!!!!

I still have flares and periods of "pain" (sometimes a lot) BUT they are less the disease raring its head than me doing something either really stupid (50 mile back pack trip across Glacier Park at age 60 for example) or unintentional that aggravates the "damage" It takes a very small amount of inflammation to irritate nerves. Believe it or not I have learned what pain is what. It is very subtle.

For me this voyage has been made a lot easier by separating the disease from pain. They really aren't the same you know. The people I know who have had the most "success" if thats the right term in fighting this thing have done just that. Those who have let the pain define everything by far the least.

thanks for everything