Do the Injection Meds work better than the Infusions meds..or i should say Last Longer?

Enbrel worked great on joints, but not the psoriasis peelings. Been of Mtx since July, this yr, so that can be the problem...Been on Enbrel/ 8 yrs..these meds sometimes stop working, and we move on to the next new one...Wonder if that yr on Rituxan, didn't work, because they said i had RA all these yrs..and maybe it was always psoriatric..It's hard to distinquish sometimes, if you don't have the skin issues.

So Remicade is the one biologic that is really making skin smooth....but it's wearing off...unlike Humira/Enbrel...which was given more often. I was doing wkly Humira towards the end ofthe 5 yrs on it.

I will have to be my own advocate, and do some research on the other meds for psoriatric. suffer in terrible pain, all the bones hurting, rheummy said can't take plaquenil, will make me red?, or Arava will still affect liver.

It's crazy have to loose some weigh ( but prednisone will make me gain weight)t, but only prednisone will help the severe pain at night. Took another 10mg at 10pm last night..a total of 30mg..and finally was able to sleep 5 hours..When the neck starts getting terribly stiff, and is hard to sleep, thats the point when i get that prednisone out

So, whats the choice, not even a few bones hurting, all of them!...don't take the prednisone..and get 2 hours of sleep...or take it, and have the pain go away!...Then the rheummy will give me 10 reasons why Prednisone is bad for me lecture..What can we do....we need sleep!!

And what a coincidence...the palms start peeling same time as the bones start hurting...Grrrrrr

Just wondered if anyone had some experience with this or thoughts?...Most of the expensive ointments, didn't help that much, just thinned the skin..I even tried Olux-E

With enbrel, treatment of the inflammation portion usually allows (from the insurance company) weekly injections BUT they will approve a second injection IF its to control psoriasis. We just made the change and EVERYTHING is better. There are currently some studies showing improved results for the inflammation with more frequent injections, and hopefully the protocol for Rheumys rxing Enbrel will change. Talk to both your Rheumy and/or PCP or Skin doc about it......

I was on Humira and MTX when my hands/feet decided it was time to have pulstular psoriasis, too! What unwelcomed time of life that was! I had been on Enbrel prior to Humira and the break out happened one month into switching to Humira. Docs were changing hoping for skin improvement which at that time was less than 5% of my body. I had the same issue with Enbrel, worked great for bones not so good for skin. Then the Humira experience...never want to do that again....then onto Remicade where I have been since 2007. I am on the 8 week schedule; it took 1 1/2 years for my skin to totally clear. I still have periodic problems with my hands which my derm told me is "normal" with pulstular. Meaning: they don't break out in a full flare but I get a couple of "pimples" erupt/break and over. The fingers become dry breaking skin with many time of activities or chores, so have to be watchful of those. Skin has a few plaques but nothing unmanagable.

Back to the Remicade; it has worked wonders for me and is continally working. I still have a whole lot of pain in my neck, back, hips, and a few other places. I am in pain management and that is a good thing. I should have a few of the IV nurses write to us about how bad my skin was then compared to today. Everytime I go, one never fails to mention how wonderful Remicade has worked for me.

A few months back, I had to go off my MTX because of an infection; shortly following that my skin broke out pretty badly. Now I know some of it was from the antibotic but also from being off the MTX. I find when I don't take it my skin gets a little rebellious.

Hope you find the answers needed for pain free days soon! Good Luck!!!