Do any of you go to an Endocrinologist?

Tell me what took you there and how they are helping you, please. Not sure they are what I need.

Do you have diabetes or thyroid issues? This is some of what they deal with. Is your dr. referring you to one?

No diabetes, my GP continues to test me for thyroid, nothing comes up, but I am not certain if the tests are indepth enough, but I now have a list of all possibe testing. Will ask him which tests were already ran with blood work.

Hair is falling out more and more each day, can't handle that one! Guess even after all of this, there is still an ounce of vanity in me, and I do not take infusions.

Pancreas is often inflamed, GB long gone, but that could be from the Sjogrens, it could be the issue as I surely did have a difficult time swallowing that funnel cake, and had some difficulty with chocolate cake a while ago, come to think of it even with toast. Guess that could be the cause of hair loss too.

Can never just be one thing, can it?

Pancreatitis would be a ticket to the Endocrinologist's office. Maybe that's why your GP wants another guard on you. I'm no expert, but perhaps the GP is concerned that the inflamed Pancreas could morph into Pancreatitis. There are different levels of this. I know someone who had acute Pancreatitis and is now fine. However, when she was in the throes, she was diabetic and had severe gastric issues and could not digest much of anything. Be vary careful with fatty foods. Hi lipid levels can contribute to poor pancreatic function. Not sure if pancreatic issues could cause hair loss.

The symptoms of Panreatitis are varied and some are similar to symptoms of PsA so it could muddy the waters for dx purposes which is probably another reason the GP is referring you.

Hope your pancreas is fine. No more passengers allowed in your taxi eh?! Keep us posted.

Hugs and prayers.

Thanks, DMara, I will check out that link and have the talk with him next time!

I see an endocrinologist for my hypothyroidism. I tested "normal" according to several gp's for years and a friend literally made an appointment for me with her endocrinologist and sure enough, my TSH was through the roof even though my T3 and T4 were "normal." They were actually VERY low normal, and with a high TSH, that meant my body was doing LOTS of work for the levels to be low normal.

The thought of getting in the car for yet another series of Doctor visits makes my back ache worse than ususal, but I may have to 'just do it'!

Thanks girls!