Is it normal to feel disconnected from yourself? I just received my diagnosis of PsA and Fibromyalgia in the same day end of last month and at first it bugged me but then I guess I was so worried about the issues I am having with my job that I didn't deal or maybe that was my excuse not to deal. Who knows. But lately I feel disconnected with myself and life in general. It is like I just do things without feeling about it. Just confused by this if any one has any enlightenment that would be great. Is this a phase? if so how many more weird phases am I going to have to go through? Frustrated is all because i just feel like I am here but not living....

It certainly can happen. If you have other things going on, such as you mentioned with your job, it could be your priority right now. But if you're feeling really disconnected, I would wonder if you might be depressed. It's really not that uncommon to suffer from depression particularly with chronic disease. Don't feel shy about reaching out for help. As you get the disease under better control you may well feel better connected again.

I honestly can't tell you how I feel. Somedays I wake-up like ok let's do this, others i am like what am i gonna do and others i am like whatever....i mean i know there is maybe a type of grieving process for my issues per se but to just feel like i am walking around not feeling any kind of emotion......

just weird

Hi there Sparkles, I'd say yes .... I remember feeling like this - numb, disconnected - for quite a while immediately post diagnosis. My best guess is that it's our minds way of breaking the whole thing down to manageable chunks while it processes all the options and consequences of our new reality .... all at the same time as trying to keep the rest of your life together.

It's not easy so don't beat yourself up, in fact the less I fought and tried to control what was happening the sooner things seemed to settle. This wasn't easy for me as my default setting is 'control' and suddenly I was faced with this beast that I couldn't control and what was worse was it in in my body!

And yes, I do believe that we go through lots of emotional phases - grief, anger, denial, frustration, envy, anxiety, fear but acceptance needs to be destination so that we find the way forward.