So they finally realised I can’t do codeine & have prescribed Demerol. Any advice? Not had this before,this is for my shoulder surgery. It was a lot worse than he thought in there.

Demerol used to be the standard hospital pain med years ago. It fell out of favor, not because it didn't work, but because it made you feel so darn good. It really makes one euphoric. I assume you will get 50mg tabs, but they make it 100s. While you are on it make sure you are NOT active. as you can overdo pretty easily because it makes you feel so darn good. Also it has a tendncey to cause nausea in some folks. The good news is that unlike Oxy etc , it tends not to bind you up. It burns out pretty quick and you can get dependent very quickly so PLEASE be careful

Thanks Lamb,no problem with the driving since I’m stuck in this damn sling for 8 weeks. I’m pretty screwed really,good job my left arm still works for picking up a wine glass. I’m guessing I’m not supposed to drink on them?

Why did I think you had put no driving, geesh i haven’t even started them yet!