Cymbalta side effects anyone? Does it make you tired?

It may not have been the Cymbalta. Last night I took some legatrin (like Tylenol Pm) which may have caused it. I felt great on Cymbalta. Before I was diagnosed with PsA, I thought I had fibromyalgia. I was very surprised to be diagnosed with PsA. My joints ache (enthesitis is what it is called, I think.) The Cymbalta helped so much that I didn't even ache anywhere. Usually I have lots of fatigue. The Cymbalta seemed to give me back my energy. I will continue taking it and see if the heart racing happens again. From what I have heard it is a beast to get off of. It is worth taking that chance if it will help me live without so much pain and fatigue.

I didn't have an adjustment period with it either. The only problem I have is I can't sleep but I haven't been able to sleep since having a steroid injection. It may not be related to the medication.

Some antidepressants have made me tired, others 'wired' or more wakeful. I think getting tired is by far the most common side effect. Have you tried changing when you take your Cymbalta? ie, if you currently take it at night, take it in the morning, or vice-versa. Sometimes that helps. If none of the suggestions you get here help, it might be time to try another medication.

I am grateful for this thread of conversation. My doc asked me a couple of years ago if I would like to take this drug during the months I have the most pain and problems. I have not brought it up since. I am skeptical of SSRI drugs or anything that is an antidepressant. I have never been able to tolerate SSRI s. What category of drug is Cymbalta? I am considering the risk as I am someone who just hates to take drugs too but Ha! here I am taking drugs just so I can get out of bed and walk and function because of the debilitating Psa and Fibro.

It is an SNRI. It gives me energy. I need to take it early in the morning so I can sleep at night.

About withdrawal, some people said they took prozac during the last of the taper and it helped them to have very little withdrawal symptoms. They asked their doctors for a two week rx of prozac. They took it with the lowest dosage of cymbalta for one week and then prozac alone for the next.

I don't know what SNRI means - I'm going to google it.

mom5 said:

It is an SNRI. It gives me energy. I need to take it early in the morning so I can sleep at night.