Crazylady wasn't really crazy after all!

Well, here I am everyone with a brand new "moniker " as LLamb so succinctly put it. It's true I changed my name and I haven't been around because I have been busy proving to SSI and my family that I am not crazy after all. Then... I took a couple of weeks off from media just to recuperate my bearings and readjust my life priorities, after finding out a lot of new and interesting things about myself.

Many of you know that I was dealing with family and insurance issues that left me depressed, distressed and on the edge of my very last little bit of patience. Well.... it turns out I was justified in my anger. After undergoing several hours of intense nuuero/pyscological testing, it was determined that I am still Mensa smart with an above average IQ and an extremely high literacy rate. While I have some issues that are clearly related to nerve damage and migraine issues there is no permanent brain damage. The issues can be controlled as long as the inflammation in my spine can be kept to a minimum. So - I'm not crazy I'm just a little impaired, as the song says :) I'm seeing a new Therapist who is a Dr. to help me deal with my family members and their issues and to help me plan for my needs. That is a good thing.

My Psa is coming under control with the help of the best little Reumatoligist a person could ever hope for. She was the first to see my MRI and point out my completely missing disc in my lower lumbar. She said" No wonder you are in pain!".

She has me on MTX and diclofenac for now with omeprozole for the stomach issues. She'll change that diclofenac to Celebrex next week if my stomach doesn't calm down. I'm doing well on the MTX and we may add another Dmard in one more month. I'm losing joints fast. Insurance won't cover Enbrel until July but we'll manage. I'm feeling so much better than I was six months ago.

My Neurologist is doing my consult at the end of April and he said we would discuss surgical options for my spinal stenosis and disc repair issues then. It's a long wait for surgeons!!! If my legs go out from under me or I get more numbness I'm supposed to report to the ER. I already had the first avail appointment :) In the meantime I am doing PT twice a week to increase core strength so that will go easier when the time comes.

I think the best news of all was being cleared to drive again however!!!!

Since I am no longer under Alzheimer's watch and my latest eye tests (two weeks ago) cleared me to drive again I have been at least able to get to the store or to the library by myself!!! Hurray for me- I feel like an adult again. I don't need a babysitter all of the time. You should have heard the fight the night I got my test results from the psyhc review. That was a dozzey... but I stuck it out, we are intact as a family, and as you can see I made it ... I'm here and I'm OK are you OK?

I missed all of you but I seriously needed a break from everyone and everything. I'm back now and glad to be here.