Crazy weekend

What a crazy weekend. Hubby fell and hurt himself on Friday, I received word that one of my Aunt's was dying and passed away on Saturday, and today was auditions for the local theater. It has been an emotional roller coaster. My Aunt was a wonderful person who was an inspiration to me. She and her husband raised 12 great kids together. She gave me a place to stay while I was student teaching and has always been so sweet and nice to me despite the fact that I was the youngest of all the cousins. She will be greatly missed. Hubby is feeling better but still hurting. Surprisingly, despite all the drama, I am feeling pretty good.

Well, I must be feeling better because I went to auditions today. I haven't been in a show for a couple years but I miss it so much. A few years ago, I landed the lead role in "Nunsense", I was the Rev. Mother Superior. I allowed myself to audition for summer shows only since I don't have to work during this time. The show I really want to do will be 3 hour rehearsals and in the evening so I think I would be more apt to be able to handle it. I actually had to dance today as well. Over all I did quite well but boy am I out of shape. The show I want to get is very campy and funny - right up my alley. I know I am taking a chance not knowing how my body is going to react but if I don't take the chance I will never know. My medication seems to be working well and honestly, I want to do this while I still can do it. Originally, I wanted to do musicals for a living but knowing the chances were slim, I went into education instead.