Could this feeling of a head cold be a SE of Enbrel?

This is getting ridiculous. I almost always feel like I'm coming down with a head cold--tonight it's not just my sinuses, now my throat is scratchy, too. The two 3-year old grandkids have had head colds for weeks now, and I'm with them almost every day. Normally I wouldn't catch anything, but this winter has been an exception, and this will be my third cold.

Or, I'm thinking maybe it's just a SE from Enbrel, and wondering if anybody else has this problem. My nose is almost always stuffy, and my voice sounds nasal.

Can anybody recommend a product to relieve the nasal stuffiness? I know my daughter has used "little noses" in her kids' nostrils, but I've never tried that and I'm sure there must be an adult product that would help.

Neurological side effects of ATNFs include migraines. It’s rare though. Besides known infections ATNFs, don’t make them worse.

Strep or staph infections can cause flares in guttate psoriasis and may lead to a flare in arthritis. Your best bet is call your GP and see if you can be seen - don’t want to prolong treatment for strep or something.

Grandma J, I find a plain saline nasal spray from the pharmacy counter as good as anything ..... and totally safe.

I went through everything I had on Enbrel the other day looking for info about my inject reactions and sinus infections are listed as a common SE with it. States it more than once along with site reactions. You might check with doc or rheumy and beware if it is a sinus infection the saline solution will STING! If not it is a great way to help naturally manage allergens and loosen the stuffiness. Hope you find relief soon!

There are so many symptoms always coming and going, and I apologize for not responding to those of you who commented here. It's still the off and on feeling of a head cold coming on, but my husband has a cough/cold now and our granddaughter is being treated for a sinus infection. Seems so many people this winter had bad colds that lasted several weeks, so I wasn't alone.

We had some warmer weather a couple weeks ago, and it was a nice break from the horrible cold winter. Spring is near and once it warms up again I think that'll make a huge difference in everyone's health (I hope)!