Cold sore advice?

I have noticed I have a cold sore which I have read as a side effect of Enbrel. With people here that have more knowledge than me, how do people treat there cold sores.


I decided I didn't want to take any more "big" drugs so I passed on the oral acyclovir but would take it if the cold sore was huge and horrible. I use denavir (prescription) or abbreva OTC (over the counter). I also keep them clean washing it with half hydrogen peroxide half water with a washcloth and cover it with bacitacin generic. Good luck!

the grease behind your ear will cure cold sores ( its also good for assembeling fishing rods)

Whichever antiviral med works best for you. Most everyone I know takes acyclovir, but if you can find one less portent that works just as well, that will be the one to stick with. Many docs will give you auto refills on those so that you don’t have to call each time you have one flare up. That seems yo be the best way to handle them, especially if you can feel one coming on and start treatment right away.

May be odd, but it works for me. I use a little bit of baking soda right on the sore. Its non-toxic and makes the burn stop. It helps the discomfort and makes it go away sooner for me. With all the meds, I dont like adding more to the list.

Ok, I think I started too late on this cold sore for it still has not scabbed. It is still in the blister state. I guess with a compromised immunity this will take a while. How long has others last?

Actually I have had them not scab........

I use abreva or old fashioned blistex when I use something

ok back on the topic of cold sores…lysine any one here taking it on a daily basis and then upping it when you have an out break?

Okay, not people related. But I totally use lysine for my cats when they need a boost.