Change in Humira Formulation - Good News

They have finally determined that citrate is no longer necessary for stabilization and preservation of the medication!!!

Whats does this mean for users?:

  1. The medicine is less viscous and less volume for the active ingredients meaning less volume and a SMALLER needle - less injection pain

  2. The pH has changed meaning less pain with injection and less injection site reaction!

  3. The absence of citrate reduces the possibility of mouth canker/sores

The new formulation has been rolled out over the last six weeks and all pharmacies and especially larger specialty pharmacies are dispensing the new juice. AbbVie rolled out the changes to their main website last evening, and is updating their support materials as I type.


That’s great to hear thank you for posting!!

Will this change lower the UTI risk? I have been dehydrated and getting UTIs since starting in July. The humira nurse and my doctor both say it isn’t from Humira. I know differently and plan to stop taking it. I just am very concerned about my skin, nails and joint pains coming back. It has been great for those things but I can’t live this way anymore.

I think the one I injected this morning is the new formulation. NO stinging whatsoever when I injected. NO injection site itching or warmth. I haven’t checked about redness but will when I get home this evening.


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Is citrate used in Enbrel? I do have some burning when I inject my Enbrel and I get mouth sores occasionally (the back of my tongue frequently and inside of my lips only a couple times in 4 years).

Just wondering…

I have no idea if this applies directly to humira, but I can tell you that you should not take citrate as a medication itself if you have kidney problems. My personal logic says the side effect of UTI (which is known for humira) could be caused by the extremely minor amounts of citrate in the formulation for some sensistive people. The removal of that ingredient could remove the UTI risk.


I hope you are right. I just received my next RX and the packaging does not look different. I want to be able to stay on Humira but I am drinking water day and night and still get UTIs.
Thank you.