Biopsied Psoriasis

When I went to the dermotologist he biopsied my foot. I didn’t ask him why. Anyone else have this done? He gave me a script called Talconex. Anyone else try this? Hope today is a good day.

They biopsied my scalp before…,

Taclonex ointment i’ve been using it for a couple of years it’s for psoriasis. Taclonex works great if you stay on top of it

My primary doc biopsied a bump on my upper left arm a day after he diagnosed me with PsA. It resembled a mole with no color to it, kind of like a spider bite. He told me the biospy would concur his diagnosis for the derm and rhemy. I wouldn't be surprised if that's what your doc is trying to determine for your medical record as well as insurance purposes. Your diagnosis will be crucial for proper insurance coverage.

Let us know when the tests are back what it determined....don't worry, everything will be fine.