Today I was finally diagnosed with PsA and doc saw that I checked health report with information that there is MS in family. He refused to give me medication for that reason. Called cousin and found out that the MS is on side of family that I am not related to. Now I am trying to convinve the doc to give me the medication. Has anyone run into this problem and is the MS issue really a problem with the medication? Seems I keep hitting a wall every time I try to get treated for this and I am suffering with so much pain.

I find this so interesting. My cousin (our mothers are sisters) has MS. I have never been refused medication. I would appreciate any info you can share on this topic. Thanks.

Regarding my last post, I believe I may not have been clear enough. When I refer to medication I am referring to the bioligic meds like Enbrel, etc.

Today was actually the sixth doc that I've seen in the last few months and although I did get a PsA diagnosis today I still was not able to get a medication like Enbrel. Just so frustrated but will not give up. Insurance company is probably going to be calling me on all the office visits.. So tomorrow I will try and get to a local meeting for an arthritis support group and hope to make a connection.

I have MS and was also just told I cannot have Enbrel. I wish I had a choice on whether I feel the risk is too high to go on the injection therapy. Honestly my pain level is so high that I would risk getting more lesions if I could actually enjoy life now.