Benzo Withdrawal & PsA

I am curious about this…

Did anyone else in here withdraw from benzodiazapines around the time they first noticed PsA symptoms?

I took Xanax for a decade (big mistake i know), then i slowly tapered off over the course of about a year. It was difficult. Lots of horrible side effects getting off that stuff. Towards the end of that year is when i first noticed symptoms.

I know stress triggers PsA, and your body is under a lot of stress when getting off benzos so its possible its just the stress factor and not a direct link to Benzos… But could PsA be a long term benzo withdrawal symptom?

I thought i would ask.

Hey, never really thought about it, but perhaps… I was taking Klonopin for about 10 years. I realized that it was its own addiction so I weened off (which also was awful). I think it was a few months after that when I had my first tendinitis. It was another 2 years, and 2 more tendons going before they decided it was PsA. But the whole thing was preceded by going off Klonopin.

Have you seen anything “official” that there could be a correlation?



The answer is yes but basically is no. The PsA was already there (in all likelihood) Those meds work by potentiating the ascending reticular activating system. In short it covers up the symptoms. When withdrawing the symptoms return with a vengence.

No I have not. But I thought it was worth seeing if there were any others.

Tntlamb - so are you saying we should all be on benzos to relieve or conditions?

Absolutely NOT there are much better meds with many fewer side effects… “Covering Up” the symptoms is the LAST thing you want to do. Damage becomes permanent.

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I notice many people on here talk about taking muscle relaxants at night time.
If they are taking valium, I guess that’s bad?