Bell's palsy, precursor to PsA?

A few months before my initial onset of PsA I got Bell’s palsy. The entire right side of my face was frozen. I went to the ER assuming I had a stroke. They did a battery of tests and found it to be an inflammation of the nerves in the back of my neck area, called Bell’s palsy. They prescribed antiviral, said it may be related to previous chicken pox, and Prednisone. A week later and no improvement. Eating is hard as I can’t move my mouth. Showering is hard as I can’t close my eye all the way. I saw my GP and did another round of Prednisone. No improvement. They said the condition can last a long time. I was demoralized. I went back two weeks later and did yet another round of Prednisone. This time I had a small but much appreciated improvement. After about two more weeks, the symptoms got markedly better. Eventually things went back to normal. I’ve been told that Bell’s palsy can recur throughout one’s life. Scary thought. I would hate to live like that again.

Since it was caused by nerve inflammation, I am wondering if it could be related to the heightened state of inflammation in my body and be related to PsA.

Simple answer is yes. Its particularly common in children and young adults.

Gosh I didn’t know that.