Be Prepared

As Clasina and I and several other of us truck off to San Diego this week for the Global Genes Rare Patient Advocacy Conference, some changes to Living With Psoriatic Arthritis will be happening and the site may be down for a short spell. The Home page is done and ready to go live. It hasn’t changed much from the mockup we showed a few weeks ago. The picture has though and it has several members of this community paddling for their lives (well it seemed that way) See if you can recognize them! To get where you are now, simply click the “forum” tab up top.

But go ahead and check out the blog if you haven’t andclick on the “How to use our site” button up top and see all of Seenies great lines and arrows on the videos. Have a great Week!!



Lol. Don’t look at the blog. You will get a fright.


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Yeah yeah. Nice looking people over 60 who work their backsides off for the communities. Scary stuff!

(I think I’ve interpreted the coded messages correctly! Maybe I missed something that would really scare me).


Sybil, you should work for MI5. LOL you are too kind.

But really, i open that page and it makes me jump. Then i giggle.