Balsam fir oil and wintergreen leaf


Just wondering if anyone has tried either of these oils.

From what I have read, Balsam fir oil has ant-inflammatory properties but wintergreen leaf is like aspirin which concerns me since I am already taking Naproxen. I have just started research on this.

Has anyone tried either of these oils ? I am interested to hear what your experiences might have been.

Uddermint is for dairy cows who have udder inflammation. Uddermint has a very high percentage of essential mint oils (I can't remember which mints particularly). I find it a good natural rub when a large area is bothering me.

Not sure where you can get it as my parents are dairy farmers and my mom sent me a large tube of it.

Thanks Marietta

My mom has these supplements that she wants me to take. It contains these two oils among some other herbs. My main concern is if either would react or cause any issues with the meds that I'm already taking.

It's a pill supplement to take 3 times a day. I felt bad not taking them from her but I told her I have to do more research on these things before I decide to try it. My mom takes it for her OA and says it's helped her a lot. She thinks it might help with PsA.

So far, the Balsam Fir oil seems like it might be ok, but I'm still not sure about the Wintermint if it is like taking aspirin.