Anyway to prevent psoriasis?

When my son was 4 months old (now 6 months) he had a rash break out over his chest and belly. Doctor knows I have psoriasis n said most likely my son will get psoriasis. My oldest son just recently broke out with rash under his arms on his armpits, he said that was eczema. But his went away on his own. Back to my infant…1 treatment of cream (forgot the name) & it was gone. Is there anyway possible I can stop psoriasis from forming at all on my baby? I do not want my babies suffering and going thru what I’ve been thru. I’ve had suicidal thoughts because I’ve been so bad. I just don’t want this nasty disease to happen to them. I honestly thought P skipped generations because my grandfather had it and none of his children got it but out of all grandkids…only I got it. But now doc saying my 4 yr old has eczema and my infant will have P. Breaks my heart.

If you are having thoughts of suicide, you need to get help IMMEDIATELY.

This is not your fault. And there is no way to predict what will happen in the future. If this doctor is being alarmist, you need to let him know that he is being so. I worry about my kids too. I didn't know before I had kids that I would develop an autoimmune condition, or that they are more at risk. But instead of worrying too much, I keep them healthy and fit, and am more sensitive to any concerns.

My 10yr old daughter appears to have some psoriasis already on her knees. Truthfully, as long as that's all that is going on, I'm ignoring it. But I do keep an eye out for other problems. This is all you can do. Be aware of risk factors, and react accordingly.

No. I’ve had thoughts. Not anymore. Once I had my boys, my whole aspect on life changed. No matter how bad I feel, my children need me.

I'm glad. But remember, you're still in the postpartum period. Have you spoken to your husband or your doctor about this?

Yes I have talked to bf about it. Not my doctor. I don’t have those thoughts anymore. I’ve learned to deal with my disease n stay positive for my children. I just don’t want them to end up like I did, having thoughts like that. Ya know? My post pardon isn’t that bad. I just have small anxiety attacks here n there. I’m just trying to see if there’s any way I can prevent P from happening to my children before it starts showing. Ugh! It’s such a stressful disease to deal with.

I've had psoriasis since I was 6 but no one on either side of my family can remember anyone having it. I do know that it is a genetic trait. You can't stop it, and there is no cure yet. Try looking at your problem another way. If you child does have psoriasis you will be able to give him the benefit of your experience with treatments...what works, what doesn't, and he will know that you truly understand. I have a wonderful family, they can sympathize, but they can never really understand. If your child does have it you will truly understand and that means a lot.

I remember years ago my maternal grandmother having this horrible skin condition that was called eczema. It would get so bad at times she would have to be covered only in white sheets. As far back as I can remember my grandmother was always what was classified at that time as being a cripple. She went from using a walker to finally being confined to a wheelchair. No one knew what was wrong, it was just accepted that this was how she was. When I was a young girl, I also developed eczema on my hands, it was horrible and often times painful when they would split open. Eventually my hands cleared up and then as an adult in my 30's it came back on my feet and on my scalp. During this time I learned that both of my older brothers had been diagnosed with psoriasis. It took many attempts with different types of ointments and creams to realize none of it was going to work for me. Finally after many failed attempts my family doctor referred me to a dermatologist who did a biopsy of my feet and diagnosed me with psoriasis. When I would talk to my doctor about the pain in my feet, he automatically associated it with my psoriasis but never looked any further to see if it had developed into PsA, unfortunately I had to wait many more years for that diagnosis. When my 15 year old son was a baby he also developed a skin condition around his diaper line and lower back, the doctor said it was eczema and gave me a cream to apply. After some time it went away and to this day his skin is perfectly clear, not a sign of the disease. When I had my first visit with the Rhemy, she asked me about my family history. When I spoke of my grandmother, she believes that my grandmother had psoriasis and not eczema and that she probably also had PsA. Makes sense to me now. I have suffered for the last 14 years with undiagnosed PsA and currently have 14 joints and two major organs (heart and lungs) affected by this disease. I no longer try to cover my feet up or to hide them from people, they are part of me, they may not be pretty but they are me and they still get me around and do their job, most days anyway lol. If there is a bright star in any of this its, if my son starts showing symptoms of this disease, he won't have to wait years for a proper diagnosis, hopefully he won't have to suffer as I have and his great grandmother. We can't worry what maybe in the future, we have no control of that, what we do have control of is the here and now and how we handle our lives today.

Enjoy your babies and don't stress to much about the future, when we do that, we miss out on too much of the present and our kids grow up so fast, we don't want to miss a minute of them being little. Take care and I wish you and your family the best