Anyone have Raynaud's or Sjogrens in addition to PsA?

Dear Judy,

This is a horror story in one sense and a story of incredible triumpth in the other! The sad thing is that if you put this in a novel or a movie of the week, people would find it too much to believe... and that is why Ben's Friend's is so great! I do have to say that you surely got more than your share, girl!

Before it goes completely our of my mind I need to apologize for mixing you up with Lynn, Fibro fog anyone, PsA brain, too many days having grandkids! Pick one, and oh let's not forget NUTS!!! LOL!! Oh, the laughs make it more tolerable, don't they?

I don' know how you managed to accomplish so much with all that you have gone through, but I give you a standing ovation, sister!

Wow, the sites are hopping this morning, everyone must be aching!!

Please allow me to continue this, I have the gs1 (oldest Grandson 9 years of age, so he is Grandson1) here with me for the forth consecutive day and he is begging me to play x-box. I can barely type after standing out in the damp cold having him at a carnival last night! Was dressed for snow and still was freezing!

To be continued...

Have a really good day!


He started x-box without me, but I won't have long! So sorry you are down Lynn, join us when you feel up to it, no pressure!

I did a very quick glance at the MC1R, as I have never heard of this, amazing! Sure did seem to send chromosones, receptors in the haywire mode, and a connection to a vitamin K deficency. Most of what ails us in general can be linked to not enough Vitamin D, and that is one I forgot to mention last night along with the other underlying factors/possible causes of the connective tissue/Autoimmune diseases.

It just makes your head spin! Mine anyway, what I have managed to hold onto.

PsA in the 5th grade, haven't heard of such an early diagnosis, what did they treat you with then?

You will be in my prayers that the Humira will be a successful treatment for you, keep fighting and allow me to get back to you!

Talk to me anytime, so glad to have you here, you too Lynn!

Big Hugs,


The MC1R does so very stange things to those with this probleml! In my case, I react sverely to almost anything medwise and some foodwise. It prevents me from taking meds that help most people....even sleeping pills wire me up like Iam on speed and forget sleeing! They make me really sick. Pain pills and antibiotcs(I can only take ONE antibitic ad my infectious me do is nrvous about that) and NO pain meds. I have to keep an epi-pen and my husband with me when I take my Humira as I have had to be injected from taking some meds...once in the hospital. The nurse was clueless but my husband was there, thank heavens and saw my face blow he KNEW what to do. He ran to the head nurse and told her that she had better inject me FAST or she was going to lose a patient. She moved like lightening when he said that to her. So, my husband saved my life!I had severe damage to my vagus nerve during a Full Nissen Fundoplication operation, when the surgeon nicked it.....damage that cannot be repaired and since that operation, I have been unable to eat things like garlic in ANY shape or form along with other things. There is garlic in EVERYTHING.....even in ingredients that say "spices" so I have to read EVERYTHING. It's hard to go out to eat and when I do, I pretty much put my life in someones hands....but I constantly watch and ask questions! You do what you have to do to live!

In 5th grade, my dermatologist who was treating my psoriasis was the person to diagnose the arthritis. But in those days, they treated the skin and did nothing for the arthritis! It may have been different for me if it hadn't started in my pain, hips and back and neck....who knows! Anyway, my rhumy is beside herself because she cannot treat any of my illnesses with the proper meds! I am kinda putting all of my eggs in one basket with the Humira but I HAVE to keep hoping! And it's ok that you called me Lynn, lol! 8<) I will write again soon and again, thank you all for your support!




You must read the discussion started by tntlamb about the new stem cell drug, there is also another drug listed with it, and a link to it, about another new drug with fantastic results for Crohn's, with photos of astounding progress after just 9 days.


We are here for you, and thank God you have such a wonderful husband and were blessed with your children and grandchildren as they keep you fighting!

I have to do some research on the operation so that I have a vague concept of that.

Please stay strong and vent away!

Big hugs,


SK, not finding the link. What month was it? Thx so much for your info, your kindness and your support!



Just click on discussions at the top of the page, go to page 5, it is entitled


I also saw a new flash on Yahoo about stem cells being used successfully in crubing pain, one was about cell transplantation.

Hope this helps!


Oh my, doesn't misery just love company? I just started a new discussion about this and ask that if for no other reason to join to be counted. Sounds as though we could talk for months on end! What a party it would be if we could all get together in one spot!! It would be bigger than a Star Trek convention!!! LOL


PS It helps to be NUTS!!! Gotta keep laughing~