Anyone have nausea with Prednisone?

I was diagnosed with PsA a few weeks ago and on prednisone. I've been nauseous and it's getting worse. I've lost 4 lbs and I'm surprised I've only lost that because I'm not eating much. I'm assusming it's the prednisone?

Starting MTX this weekend after I get my vaccinations.

I only get nauseous of I don't take it with out a carb. I normally have an egg, whole wheat toast and an apple for breakfast and take it about 10 minutes later.

Thanks. Good advice.

Thanks for replying Shutterbug. I wasn't absorbing the prednisone well orally, so the doc gave me a prednisone shot in my muscle. It will last 3-4 weeks. I starte MTX this weekend, so I hope I don't need anymore prednisone.