Anyone have issues with excessive twitching? mini muscle spasms?

Lately, I have been noticing that I have been twitching like. . . A LOT. Hubby has even noticed it and he says I do it in my sleep as well. I've been researching the meds I am taking to see if it is listed in the side effects but haven't seen it listed anywhere. The only connection I can see is that it is worse when I am upset or tired and that it can be controlled if I think about it but usually is like a reaction. I have had it before but it seems to be worse as of late. Any ideas??

Usually happens to myself when I am tired. Normally as I'm lying in bed before sleep,or if I'm in my chair before a Ahhh power nap yeah thats it power nap. I call them the yips.

I get that too, i've also noticed an increase in muscle cramping. I'm not sure what it is either :/ neither did my doctor.

My face twitches when the pain or stress is bad or when I'm overly tired.