Anyone else with drop foot?

This is a problem that I have from time to time when the left leg, where sciatica is present, seems longer than the other and caused me to trip. I do have a flexibility problem in the ankle area from an old achilles tendon tear.

I did when I had a lumbar disc herniation. Has the doctor had you try and build up the strength in your ankle? Sometimes with me it still feels weak, but tripping is no good.

Yes! I am experiencing this currently! Especially when climbing stairs. I dont seem to lift my left foot quite high enough. Any suggestions? This seems rather new.

This is a really old thread. You may want to start a new one with questions.
@Szs, that said, your issue sounds like a different problem than foot drop. I would see your doctor about it. It could be weakness, loss of range of motion, so hard to know.