Anyone else have Morton's Neuroma in your foot?

If anyone has Morton's Neuroma in your foot, what has been your successful treatment? I got a cortisone shot 2 weeks ago and it did not help. I go back to the foot doctor today.

I had surgery years ago because it was extremely painful to walk. I did receive a cortisone injection first it didn’t work. I wonder if this is related to PSA?? I have to say after the surgery It hasn’t reoccurred. I had the surgery done on the office.
Hope you get relief it is painful I had to walk on the side of my foot.

I think the next thing the doctor wants to try is a series of 14 shots (1 a week) that is supposed to kill the nerve. Any opinions on that option?

Your best bet is to stay away from a podiatrist and buy new shoes (Birkensocks are best or any with low or negative heal and wide toe box and super arch support.) The injections he is referring to is diluted alcohol (4%) and is injected directly into the area of the neuroma, causing toxicity to the fibrous nerve tissue. It not only hurts like hell, it doesn't last.

A real orthopedic surgeon can do an RF ablation (once and done) or actual excision) But if you don't wear proper shoes, with proper arch support, get to a lower weight (for some) its all a waste of time

Morton's Neuroma happens mostly to women as they most often wear high (or higher heals) and narrow shoes, but as interesting aside a rather famous Oregon male resident quietlyhad both feet operated on for Morton's Neuroma here in Montana Patrick Duffy wore high heeled/ lift shoes for years....

No its not PsA. Except in rare instances its fashion related.

I figured it was related to high heels, I no longer wear high heels and currently I only wear Danskos and no longer have problems related to foot wear. My ankles hurt but rhemuy d
Said that’s psa related.

Agreed! Neuromas are usually related to what you put on your feet. It is my understanding that with changing the kind of shoes you wear, it eliminates the friction on the area, but won't get rid of the underlying problem. Like Lamb said, the ablations work, but find a doc who does a lot of them and has had good success with them. Skip the injections. You'll be on the ceiling and they don't have a high efficacy rate. You can also have it removed surgically. Minor procedure, pretty effective. Even if you decide to go that route, stop wearing constricting shoes. There are so many great shoes out there that don't give you all sorts of issues with your tootsies. You only need to witness one bunionectomy to realize it ain't worth it to torture your feet for fashion.

I have started wearing wide toe shoes. And I have not been able to wear heels (almost misspelled it as hells which is kind of fitting) in years because of my lower back. I had started wearing a pair of Sketchers (that had padding in them because of the padding but the toe area was narrow and I think that might have caused it). The discomfort from the Neuroma is really bad though. I can do water aerobics and weight training but I cannot walk or jog or anything that requires you to have good feet. I really need to be able to walk for exercise. I want to be able to walk in the arthritis walk next year.

Thanks everyone for your input. I needed some information.

Remember when they used to sell you shoes at the shoe store and tell you to wear them inside for a few days before taking them out on the town. I NEVER did that. I do now. It seems that I have to wear a pair a bit before I figure out that I've made a mistake. :-)

The foot doctor wants to do an MRI to make sure of what is going on in my foot. I am kind of glad. We will know for sure whether it is or is not Morton's Neuroma.

:slight_smile: answers are always helpful. They help guide that pesky “treatment” thing. Hopefully this will narrow down your options and give you firm information. That would make me feel so much better, hopefully you get the same result.

Holy carp - THAT's what's been bothering me for a week! It's on my list of "talk to the rheumy about" at my appointment next week! LOL I suppose I shouldn't have given up my Birkenstocks for my warm comfy wool boots. :(

I finally had foot surgery two years ago and it was the BEST decision that I have ever made. I had suffered through the foot pain for a number of years and the BS factor just got too high.My pre-surgical, single injection did nothing to relieve the pain.

Immediate relief after surgery and no recurrences. The orthopaedic surgeon "released" the nerve without cutting out the neuroma and also did a "roto rooter" job on another toe to alleviate some arthritic pain on the same foot. Two birds with one stone...

Very easy recovery period in a walking boot. I had surgery in Michigan and used his business partner in Dallas for the follow-up. Both docs are two of the best foot orthopods in the country.

I know it’s an old thread but it exists so I’m replying here. So question: can you get this even not having worn heels in decades? So there is no relation to PsA at all?

I can’t speak to this condition directly but my ortho guy told me wearing any sort of heeled shoe can have impact decades after the fact.

I badly broke my ankle and fracture my leg 25 years ago. One of the things my ortho doctor did once I was out of the cast and starting physical therpay was to trace my bare foot onto a piece of paper. He then gave my the paper with the instuctions to not buy any show that was smaller than the outline of my foot.


I ended up getting rid of every shoe I owned. I actually ended up living in men’s Stanley work boots for years (I’m a woman) in order to get a shoe that fit me properly. Once I was back on my feet (literally) I able to start shoe shopping again and it was eye opening. It took a huge amount of searching to find shoes that actually fit the actual outline of my foot – and I had never worn uncomfortable shoes in my life, but my shoes didn’t actually fit the outline of my foot, either.

I strongly suggest tracing your foot onto a piece of paper then setting each of your shoes on the tracing and seeing how the shoe actually fits (or doesn’t fit) your actual foot. You may be shocked.


Interesting! I will try that. Though seriously I do buy really good shoes and have since my 20s. I cannot bear a tight tight shoe. I try to get supportive bottoms. Choices have definitely improved. I did also see that tight calves can lead to this and I for sure do have tight calves. It’s a real problem. So this could be tied in. I think I need to do a whole lot more self massage on my legs and feet.