Is anyone taking or have taken an antidpression with all of their meds? i am loosing it!!!!! Crying all the time!

Please call your doctor. I take Zoloft and have for years. I can sure tell when I don't take it. I have not had any problems with my other meds while taking it. There are many meds that can help depression, your doctor will know which one will be best. Also, it is ok to have a really good cry now and then, but crying all the time is not good.

i made an appointment with my internist for tomorrow. that is on top of my list!

I take Lexapro and have for years. I don't know which came first the depression or the PsA. I have benn reading alot about arthritis and other auto immune diseases since my diagnosis and depression seems to happen a lot with aut immune diseases. It may have to do with the brain chemmistry and how the brain transmits signals. The anti depressants also help with chronic pain and how our brains deal with it. Crying helps too! Just cut yourself some slack, it takes time to adjust to all this. And remember we are here for you; we've all been there at one time or another. I'll keep you in my thoughts.

When i was going through a period like you are experiencing I was prescribed anti depressants and I saw a pyschologist to help me develop coping mechanisms which I still use.